7 Best PSP RPG Games of All Time

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PlayStation has developed a lot of interesting game players to date. In the past they had released a portable game console called the PSP (PlayStation Portable).

This tool has a size of approximately 7 to 8 inches. In terms of shape, this console looks very gaming, more or less reminiscent of a gaming phone, the Nokia N-GAGE.

Sony created this PSP for the needs of gamers who tend to have high mobility. You can play PSP anywhere, because the system from the following console uses battery power as the main source of the device.

The game is almost the same as the PlayStation 2 games, and to play it you first have to buy some kind of small cassette, then insert the cassette into the PSP, wait until the game is read and we can play.

For those who miss playing games on the PSP console a lot, we have interesting reviews about the 7 best PSP RPG games and they certainly have an exciting storyline.

This RPG game genre tends to be played more often by people, because you can feel the POV of a fictional character and are free to control according to the rules in the game.

PSP RPG Games of All Time and Fun to Play

The adventure game genre is indeed more fun to play. We are required to be more creative and active in solving all puzzle problems in the game, because each game has its own roleplay.

Besides RPG games, there are also A-RPG (Action Role Playing Game) games, and T-RPG (Tactical Role Playing Game) games.

Basically everything is almost the same, that is, both play the game with a certain point of view, then the player will run the fictional character to complete all the rules.

In the era of RPG games began to attract more and more people. There are several specific reasons why games like this are becoming more and more popular. First in the era of the emergence of the PlayStation 1, gameplay improvements are increasingly widespread, especially since the next generation of consoles such as the PlayStation 2 appeared.

Not after that, Sony re-released the PSP which is a portable gaming version of the PlayStation 2. Of course it’s more fun to play games with the same graphic quality as the PlayStation 2, but can be played portable.

Remembering those times, we provide a list of the 7 best PSP RPG games that you can even play through the PPSSPP emulator or other best PSP emulators.

What’s the list of games? Here are our recommendations for the 7 best PSP RPG games.

1. Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3

First in the list of the best PSP RPG games is a game called Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3.

In this game you will be given a choice of characters based on their nature and gender. It is even possible for players to take on the role of the protagonist as the main hero.

Players are then placed in a world called Dark Hour, and on the map are scattered various types of missions, one of which is against the shadows that continue to roam near the tower of Tartarus.

Every decision you make in the game, will change the storyline during the adventure. And interestingly, you will be accompanied by additional characters such as computer-driven bots.

2. Digimon Adventure

Digimon is one of the favorite games in the past. Not just the Rumble Arena version, there is also a special Digimon Adventure game for the PSP console version.

This game tells a group of small children namely Taichi, Yamato, Koushiro and Takeru, trapped in a digital world. And in that world, they meet monsters with various forms of character and strength… called Digimon.

These Digimon monsters gather and try to save the digital world as well as the real world. And complete many missions then kill all enemies in the game.

3. Final Fantasy VII

Then there is another famous game, Final Fantasy. For the PSP version, you can play this version of Final Fantasy VII, and just like other Final Fantasy series, the character used is a super-powered warrior.

In the game itself, you will play a character named Zack, and this Zack has ambitions to become the strongest and number one warrior in Class Shinra.

We have lots of fun actions to play, such as battles against other soldiers to clans. In essence we are asked to eradicate the traitors of the Genesis Rhapsodos clan, and exterminate the Jenova soldiers.

4. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Fourth, there is a game called Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep made by Square Enix which has an easy-to-understand storyline.

There will be 3 characters, you are free to choose between Terra, Ventus and Aqua. The setting in the game uses a fictional world called Land of Departure.

And the main mission is to find Master Xehanorth who is rumored to have been kidnapped by a creature called the Unversed.

In fact, the characters in this game are partly embedded in Disney cartoon fictional characters.

5. Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection

Another Final Fantasy game series on the PSP game is the Final Fantasy IV series: The Complete Collection. The main story in this game tells that a king plans to attack a village, with the intention that he wants to have a crystal stone.

This crystal stone is the key to the king in ruling the world. And the main character we use is named Cecil. Your task is to prevent the king from carrying out his actions, as well as protect the crystal stone from his grasp.

There’s a lot of fighting action there, so it’s perfect for those of you who like war games like this.

6. YS : Seven

Present as a PSP game, the YS: Seven storyline is considered very interesting and exciting. The trail of adventure in the game feels quite long, and there are many puzzles that you have to solve during your adventure there.

This game is equipped with real-time and hack and slash style in a battle. So that the impression in the game becomes very dynamic and tense.

There is also an inventory feature, so you can freely choose the weapon used to attack certain enemies.

7. Gods Eater Burst

And the last recommended PSP RPG game is Gods Eater Burst. Where this game tells about the earth being attacked by an alien monster named Aragami.

Our mission as an elite force is to eradicate the Aragami and collect research materials from the earth. Apparently the following elite troops were created using the God Arc, an elemental weapon capable of killing Aragami.

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That’s our discussion of the 7 best PSP RPG games of its era. You can play some of the games above through an emulator, a solution for users who don’t have a PSP console or haven’t had time to play the game. May be useful.

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