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Apple and Amazon are the biggest stocks of 2020. They fall into the category of hot stocks. It has been a great year for both companies.

But which company is a better option for investing money? Investors are often confused between the top tech stocks. There are options like Netflix, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.

This year NASDAQ AAPL Stock has increased by 58%. The growth percentage is amazing. It means if you have $1000 worth share, you will get $1580 in return. It is a good option.

However, Amazon is not far behind Apple. It is one of the most profitable companies in 2020. The pandemic was good to Amazon. The stock value of this company has increased by 69%. It is 11% more than Apple Stock.

Apple’s Performance:

Apple’s performance mostly relies on iPhone sales. It makes up to 44% of total sales. It is one of the most dominant smartphones in the market. 

Although the sales are average this year, there are many other factors in support of Apple. The new iPhone 12 comes with 5G support. We are very close to getting 5G tech. It will boost the sales on the iPhone. Apart from the iPhone, there are other Apple services which are performing well. Apple is new in the service market and still making good profits. 

In no time, Apple will take over the service market is as well. One of the biggest advantages for Apple is customer loyalty. The customers are very loyal. They will not go with any other smartphone.

Amazon’s Performance:

Amazon is an online retailer and service company. 40% of sales come from the e-commerce business. Amazon’s e-commerce business is striving during the pandemic and is showing no signs of stopping. The cloud computing business makes up to 29% of total revenue. 

Apart from the Amazon also provide Prime membership. It gives competition to Apple’s subscription-based services. Amazon made $88.9 billion from the retail business in a year. There is a 160% increase in sales volume. 

The stock price of this company is reaching the sky. This company also believes in reinvestment. It will help them to survive in the market for a long time. Amazon takes advantage of Prime Day and Black Friday Sale. During the sale, the stock prices go up.

Which is a better choice?

Looking at the current performance of both companies, it is clear that Amazon is more profitable. But if you look from an investor’s perspective, investing money in NASDAQ AAPL is more suitable. This company provides a more predictable model than Amazon. If you want to buy the AAPL stock right now, you need check its balance sheet at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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