Expired Domain vs New Domain, Which is The Best??

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Just started blogging and don’t know about expired domains? let’s identify clearly. expired domain is a domain that has not been forwarded by the owner. left alone and not extended. many types of tld domains are idle all the time.

but did you know that most expired domains are very good for reuse. Why is that? because it already has a very good domain reputation. has a fairly high domain authority and page authority value. already have alexa rank and regular visitors. We can use this for our business needs. which will make it much easier for us to reach more audience and traffic, especially through organic google. save our time and pocket.

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very good huh? indeed yes, but to find a very good expired domain like that is very difficult. because some of the expired domains will also be priced at a very fantastic price. don’t be surprised, this has been entered into the aged domain. we have to be patient and very careful to keep looking for it.

and when compared to the newly created domain is very different. a domain that does not yet have a reputation and still has 0 domain authority values. like babies and adults? which one is more established? surely we already know that expired domains are more established and can be expected in terms of seo.

we will be very complicated to build a business on our website or blog from scratch by using the new domain earlier.

will spend a lot of money to advertise, buy backlinks or other related costs. will be very long.

So, expired domains are the best. let’s visit the site expireddomains. find and use expired domains then compete with your competitors on google ☺️☺️

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