How to fix is not Responding Issues?

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If you are facing IMAP Gmail error on your client email then you are at the right place. Most of the email users opt for email services like Apple, Outlook, etc to get safer and easy access to their client email. However, there are problems like IMAP Gmail issues that are faced by the users when they use these services so, we can say that no service is free from errors and bugs. In this article we will have a look at the reasons as well as the solutions for the same to help our readers. 

Reasons for the IMAP Gmail issues occurring 

  • The major reason for this problem might be the incorrect email settings that you have set for your email account. 
  • Another reason that could be possible is the minor problems like the problems with email server or problems with the internet connection on your device. 
  • The errors like cannot get mail can be faced by the users along with the errors in sending mail like IMAP.Gmail not responding

Solutions for the IMAP Gmail issues occurring 

  • Errors in the mail client 

Sometimes glitches like this occur when there is some error in the mail client app as various servers and modules are used while running the email client server. Many problems occur if any of the servers and modules gets corrupted. 

The way to fix this issue is to force stop the application, it is your wish to follow this way or not. But we will suggest you to force quit the application and then open it again to fix this problem. 

  • Removing and then adding email account

We would suggest our users to first remove their account and then add it again to fix IMAP Gmail on iPhone or android phone. 

The following steps should be followed for the same – 

  1. First of all you have to open the settings of the app and then look for the accounts and passwords option and then click on it. 
  2. After this select your mail account and then visit the Mail account and then hit on the Delete account tab present in front of you. 
  3. Now, you have to click on the Add account option in the mail and then enter the login details of your account to add your account. 
  4. After the login you will be able to access your mails and your IMAP error will be fixed too. 

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