How to Setting Custom HUD and Sensitivity Free Fire

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Free Fire is the most crowded game currently played by millennials today. Every day there are millions of people who play it. This game from Garena has quite a lot of game modes that you can choose from. To be able to achieve Booyah, of course, the items or characters you have are not enough. There are various factors that can affect this, including sensitivity settings.

The way the FF sensitivity setting is the main factor to help you get a headshot. With the number of headshots obtained, the chances of booyah will be even greater. Each player does have its own settings, and you can adjust it to the device you use during the game.

However, there are standard settings that can be used as a benchmark. Luckily, in the free fire game you can set your own sensitivity level and button layout. so, if you feel that you don’t fit the default settings, you can adjust them yourself.

There are lots of sensitivity settings recommended by players and one of the most popular ones is from Frontal Gaming, Budi Gaming, Rasyid Rasyid, Letda, Wawan MKS and so on. Summarizing from various sources, below will explain how to set the correct sensitivity.

How to Set Free Fire Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Although there are lots of setting recommendations, choosing the correct sensitivity setting is certainly very useful to make it easier for you to shoot enemies, manage, or master a match. The following are recommendations for free fire sensitivity settings:

Settings Look Around

So that you can easily slide the screen then you can set the sensitivity between 30 to 40 only. The goal is none other than being too fast when sliding the screen. For that you can set it from the numbers we have suggested above.

Red Dot Sight settings

Furthermore, for Red Dot Sight, it is better to use a sensitivity between 60 to 80. This of course aims to make it easier for you when using the scope when aiming or shooting your enemies.

Setting 2x Scope

The sensitivity setting option for 2x Scope is recommended between 40 to 60, this is because it does not require too much movement. Especially if the free fire enemy is in a long distance. The choice of weapon will also greatly affect you in shooting enemies with this long distance.

Setting 4x Scope

Next to this option there are those who suggest 30 to 40 only. This is intended so as not to deviate far from the expected targets. For that, it is not recommended that the number exceeds 60 or 80. You can shift to that number.

AWM Scope Settings

The last setting is AWM Scope with the number 0. The scope has a function to get closer to the shooting range. Therefore, if the enemy feels close, it is not recommended to use a high Scope setting, because it is likely to deviate from the target target.

These settings are recommendations based on the settings for many players. If it’s not suitable, you can easily change the settings according to your taste, you don’t have to apply the settings as mentioned above, but if they are suitable you can use them.

How to Setting Custom HUD Free Fire

The function of this setting is to make it easier to adjust the layout or transparency of the buttons that you use when playing games. The following explains how a good setting makes it easier for you to fight enemies in the game.

Setting Controller Layout

The purpose of setting the layout of the controller is so that the motion controller can be used more freely and the horizontal visibility is wider, by moving the Name Squad, Backpack, Bomb, or Medikit.

Move Bomb Controller Near Weapon

The bomb controller should be moved near the gun for more focus. At the top right is where the controller relates to the weapon. As for the medikit, it is moved at the bottom, because the location of the blood is at the bottom, the blood equipment such as medikit should be at the bottom for convenience.

Put the Backpack or Backpack at the Bottom

The backpack is placed at the bottom to make it easier to loot while on the move. Many players who are looting just sit and don’t move. This is very dangerous, because the opponent can easily headshot against you.

Minimize Unimportant Parts

Furthermore, for parts that are not important or rarely used when playing free fire games, the size and transparency should be reduced, the aim is to widen the visibility when playing games. That way you will be easier to control and also keep an eye on the enemy.

Set Button Size

After adjusting all the layouts above, the next step is to set the button size. Adjusting the button size is important to increase flexibility and efficiency in playing. For that you can set it according to the width of the smartphone and the size of your finger.

Practice at the Training Camp

Free fire provides updates in the form of a Training Camp. Take this opportunity to practice as well as possible. After you finish setting the custom HUD settings, then familiarize your fingers with the appearance of the buttons whose layout changes. Make your fingers comfortable and familiar with the new button look.

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