How to Unmute Instagram Stories on Certain Accounts

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These are some of the ways to tag on Instagram, you can try tagging each other to other IG users. I hope this article was helpful for some accounts’ Instagram stories and how to mute and unmute

As one of the largest social networks in the world, Instagram has a huge number of users, reaching more than 1 billion users.

The number of features offered has made Instagram more in demand from many people around the world, including Indonesia. In my opinion, Instagram Story is one of the popular features used by all kinds of people because it provides short clips in the form of videos and photos that last only 24 hours on the homepage.

Instagram Story is at the very top of the app for easy access. Especially when the edge of the story circle on Instagram is colored to indicate someone else’s update recently, making us curious to open it.

But usually in the next few days or months, sometimes you want to look back to the content of the account. To restore it to be visible again on the main page of your Instagram application timeline, you can do Unmute Instagram Story with the following tutorial.

How to Unmute Instagram Account

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone or mobile device
  2. On the main page of Instagram, go to Instagram Story which is at the top
  3. Next, swipe your Instagram Story to the right until you find the muted account.
  4. Muted accounts will show a vague Instagram Story
  5. Next, select and hold the Instagram Story that has been mute earlier
  6. After the dialog box appears, select Unmute Story
  7. Instagram Stories from the account will automatically reappear

Well by using the feature, you can set up which account I want to see or not. That way you can use Instagram more wisely and see the content you want only.

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