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The aim of the World Directory of Medical Schools is to list all medical schools in the world and to provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about each school. To help and protect patients and meet the needs of society, doctors need to know that they are attending authentic Medical Universities in China with high standards and that they are gaining the skills needed to become qualified doctors.

With accurate information in the World Directory, students, educators, health regulators, and other stakeholders in society have easy access to information that proves medical schools exist and are of high quality.

Inclusion in the World Directory of Medical Schools is the result of collaboration with the World Directory of Medical Schools and project partners, the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), and the Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). The medical schools listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools are also not medical schools unless stated on the World Directory website or on the sponsor’s website, etc.

Any association of FAIMER or WFME with a medical school as a member, affiliate network member, or otherwise does not imply that the medical school is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools or that the medical school endorses, supports, or recommends the medical school.

About the World Directory

The World Directory is a joint initiative of World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) The World Directory is a joint initiative of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the University of Copenhagen. Medical Education Directory (IMED) and the WFME Avicenna Directory.

The World Directory defines a “medical school” as an educational institution that offers a complete or comprehensive educational program leading to a basic medical qualification, i.e. a qualification that enables one to obtain a license to practice medicine.

The data in the World Directory are a combination of IMED and Avicenna data (as of the end of 2013). The World Directory team continues to add new schools, update existing listings and correct any errors or omissions to keep the data up to date. Data is collected by the World Directory offices at the WFME office in Copenhagen and the FAIMER office in Philadelphia.

The day-to-day management of the Global Catalogue is the responsibility of the Steering Committee, which is represented by FAIMER and WFME. The Steering Committee is advised by a high-level advisory committee composed of representatives from WFME, FAIMER, and catalog sponsors.

List of Chinese Universities Listed on World Directory of Medical Schools

Medical School Name    City Name

Academy of Military Medical Sciences Faculty of Medicine


Air Force School of Medicine       Jilin

Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Anhui Medical University Faculty of Medicine


Anhui University of Science and Technology College of Medicine Huainan

Baotou Medical College   


Beihua University Faculty of Medicine    Jilin

Beijing College of Acupuncture and Orthopedics Beijing

Beijing Medical College Branch Campus Beijing

Beijing School of Medicine           Beijing

Beijing Second Medical College, First Branch        Beijing

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine   Beijing

Bengbu Medical College Bengbu

Binzhou Medical College


Capital Medical University           Beijing

Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Changsha Medical University


Changzhi Medical College


Chengde Medical University


Chengdu Institute of Physical Education Chengdu

Chengdu Medical College             Chengdu

Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine        Chengdu

Chifeng University Medical College           Chifeng

China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Beijing

China Medical University


Chongqing Medical University    Chongqing

Dali University School of Medicine            Dali

Dalian Medical University


First Medical College of the Navy


Fourth Military Medical University           Xi’an

Fujian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine   Fuzhou

Fujian Medical University             Fuzhou

Gannan Medical University


Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Guangdong Medical College


Guangdong Pharmaceutical University   Guangzhou

Guangdong Provincial Cardiovascular Institute    Guangzhou

Guangxi Medical University         Nanning

Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University  Nanning

Guangzhou Medical University


Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine   Guangzhou

Guilin Medical College   Guilin

Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine               Guiyang

Guiyang Medical University         Guiyang

Hainan Medical College Haikou

Hangzhou School of Medicine, Hangzhou Normal University         Hangzhou

Harbin Medical University


Hebei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine    Shijiazhuang

Hebei Medical University


Hebei North University  Zhangjiakou

Hebei United University College of Medicine       Tangshan

Hebei University of Engineering School of Medicine          Handan

Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Harbin

Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine  Zhengzhou

Henan Medical University            Zhengzhou

Hengyang Medical College


Heze Medical College


Huanghe Science and Technology College


Hubei Medical College, Xianning Branch


Hubei Medical University             Wuhan

Hubei University of Chinese Medicine


Hubei University of Medicine      Shiyan

Hubei University of Science and Technology


Hunan Medical University


Hunan Normal University College of Medicine     Changsha

Hunan University of Chinese Medicine   Changsha

Inner Mongolia Medical University


Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities


Jiamusi University School of Medicine     Jiamusi

Jianghan University School of Medicine  Wuhan

Jiangsu University School of Medicine


Jiangxi Medical College  Nanchang

Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine             Nanchang

Jilin Medical College


Jinan University School of Medicine


Jinggangshan University Medical School Ji’an

Jining Medical University


Jishou University School of Medicine


Jiujiang University Medical College


Jixi Medical School for the Coal Industry


Kunming Medical University        Kunming

Lanzhou University Faculty of Medicine  Lanzhou

Liaoning Medical University


Luoyang School of Medicine        Luoyang

Luzhou Medical College Luzhou

Medical College of Dalian University


Medical College of Henan University


Medical College of Henan University of Science and Technology


Medical College of Hubei Institute for Nationalities           Enshi

Medical College of Nanchang University Nanchang

Medical College of Nanjing University     Nanjing

Medical College of Nankai University       Tianjin

Medical College of Wuhan University of Science and Technology Wuhan

Medical College of Yan’an University       Yan’an

Medical College of Yichun College             Yichun

Mudanjiang Medical College       Mudanjiang

Nanjing Medical University


Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Nanjing

Nantong Medical College              Nantong

Nantong University School of Clinical Medicine


Navy School of Medicine


Ningbo University Medical School             Ningbo

Ningxia Medical University          Yinchuan

Norman Bethune College of Medicine, Jilin University     Changchun

Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences Changchun

North Sichuan Medical College


Northwest Minorities University College of Medicine


Panzhihua University School of Medical Science Panzhihua

Peking Union Medical University


Peking University Health Science Center


Putian University School of Medicine


Qingdao University College of Medical Science    Qingdao

Qinghai Medical College


Qiqihar Medical University          Qiqihar

School of Life Sciences, Fudan University               Shanghai

School of Medicine, General Logistics Department


School of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Capital Medical University


Second Military Medical University


Shaanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Xianyang

Shandong Medical College


Shandong Medical University     Jinan

Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine      Jinan

Shandong University School of Medicine               Jinan

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine             Shanghai

Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University         Shanghai

Shanghai Medical University


Shanghai Railway Medical University       Shanghai

Shanghai School of Medicine      Fengxian

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine        Shanghai

Shantou University Medical College         Shantou

Shanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Shanxi Datong University School of Medicine


Shanxi Medical University            Taiyuan

Shenyang Medical College            Shenyang

Shihezi University School of Medicine     Shihezi

Soochow University Medical College        Suzhou

Southeast University Medical College      Nanjing

Southern Medical University       Guangzhou

Suzhou Medical College  


Szechwan Medical College


Taishan Medical University          Tai’an

Third Military Medical University              Chongqing

Three Gorges University College of Medical Science          Yichang

Tianjin Medical University            Tianjin

Tianjin Second Medical College  Tianjin

Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine             Tianjin

Tibet University Medical College                Lhasa

Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science & Technology  Wuhan

Tongji Medical University             Wuhan

Tongji University School of Medicine (TUSM)       Shanghai

Tsinghua University School of Medicine Beijing

Tsungnan Tungchi Medical College, Wuhan


University of South China Faculty of Medicine     Hengyang

Wannan Medical College              Wuhu

Weifang Medical University


Wenzhou Medical University      Wenzhou

West China College of Medicine, Sichuan University


West China University of Medical Sciences           Chengdu

Wuhan Medical College Wuhan

Wuhan University School of Medicine     Wuhan

Xi’an Jiaotong University College of Medicine      Xi’an

Xi’an Medical University Xi’an

Xiamen University Medical College           Xiamen

Xiangnan University School of Medicine Chenzhou

Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University      Changsha

Xinjiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Xinjiang Medical University


Xinxiang Medical University


Xuzhou Medical College Xuzhou

Yanbian University Health Science Center             Yanji

Yangtze University Medical School            Jingzhou

Yangzhou University College of Medicine


Yishui Medical School


Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities of Guangxi      Baise

Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Kunming

Yuzhou University School of Medicine


Zhang Zhongjing School of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanyang

Zhangjiakou Medical College


Zhejiang Chinese Medical University        Hangzhou

Zhejiang University School of Medicine  Hangzhou

Zhengzhou University Medical School     Zhengzhou

Zhenjiang Medical College           Zhenjiang

Zhongshan School of Medicine, Sun Yat-Sen University   Guangzhou

Zunyi Medical College    Zunyi

Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine       Shatin

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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