Node.js vs. Laravel: Which is best framework in 2021?

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By taking a business online using a web app or a website has become extremely vital. Hence, there is a huge demand for selecting the best framework in 2021 which is suitable for your web project. However, there are various frameworks present. Here is a detailed analysis of Node.js and Laravel and how to find the best framework in 2021. 

While choosing the best among the two web frameworks, the entire developers’ community does not agree with one. Some people consider that Node.js is the best framework in 2021, while others take sides for Laravel.


Node.js is not just a framework, but it is a complete server. It is an open-source JavaScript-based runtime environment that plays a major part in the development of applications. Node.js comprises event-driven APIs. In addition, it has developed as one of the first choices for several developers since it works on a single thread. Hence it also eliminates delaying during execution.

Moreover, the whole server has become event-based, and it triggers when it gets call-backs. So it enables the server to come back every time it is called. Therefore it prevents everything from getting into a stage of pause or sleep.

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Laravel is known to be an open-source as well as a full-stack PHP framework. It comes with some abundant features that include building different types of web applications. Such features also help in the development process so that there is minimal development time. Developers often use Laravel when they have to build a small or even a big web application.

One of the drawbacks is that developers need to have massive experience along with a command of PHP in order to work best with Laravel. Most of the applications are built using Laravel, which is used as a content management system. In addition to this, it has been observed that Laravel is capable of upscaling such features, which assist in driving the whole traffic to the website. Laravel has appeared to become a powerhouse of features in a short time by helping in all stages of web development.

Here are some of the comparison features to let you decide which one is the best framework in 2021 among the two:

  1. Framework Base


Laravel monitors the MVC(Model-view-Controller) pattern, which is based on PHP. Concisely, it is an open-source web application framework, and a lot of web developers rely on it. The basic objective of Laravel is to assist the developers in building a web application that is really quick. Furthermore, they don’t need to consider some of the basic issues such as routing, authentication, etc.


Node.js is denoted as an open-source framework that operates on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine. It operates on the basis of event-driven and non-blocking I/O architecture. Node.js has a primary purpose that allows the developers to form web applications in a very effective way. Hence it is mostly used for building web/app servers.

  1. Rapid Development


It works accurately using PHP, which has a low development speed in comparison with Node.js or even other frameworks.


Since it has a lightweight server, NodeJS can operate on popular machines. Furthermore, it can easily monitor various requests.

  1. Architecture


Laravel operates on the MVC pattern. Therefore it is amongst the primary choice of a majority of developers because of its easy understanding and realistic syntax.


It operates specifically based on event-driven programming. Hence the whole architecture relies on the user events, choices, and messages from several other programmers.

  1. Performance and Scalability


If comparing NodeJS vs. Laravel vs. PHP vs. Django, Laravel has the most complex scalability since whenever you start to render it, you start to discover different aspects of this application. However, its performance is not really good in comparison with other best frameworks in 2021.


In terms of performance and scalability and performance of Node JS vs. Laravel, NodeJs offers top-notch scalability specifically because of its non-blocking programming features. It helps you to handle several events at one time.

  1. Security


Laravel framework provides better security in comparison with other best frameworks in 2021 that are available in the market. Moreover, it uses hashed password method that essentially stores all the data and passwords safely in the database. However, it requires structured processes which is effective enough to deal with SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and much more.


It delivers better security specifically for a refined code structure. However, you might learn about some of the loopholes during the journey.

  1. Customizability


Laravel customization is slightly tricky since you get to access numerous external tools in order to integrate or even adjust anything on the site.


NodeJS provides you top customization options since it is backed by JavaScript.

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According to the comparison of Laravel vs. Node.js, there is not a specific framework that you can use for each web application since all the frameworks have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, the choice of the best framework in 2021 relies upon project necessities and future goals. Therefore if you have an exclusive idea, then you can contact an expert Node.js development and hosting company.

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