The Best Sensitivity of PUBG Mobile

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The best PUBG mobile sensitivity settings are often done by players by experimenting on their own. Of course this is for players who have been playing PUBG games for a long time and of course players already know where to experiment with sensitivity settings.

For beginners, of course, it is not easy. When you play the battle royal game, PUBG Mobile, for the first time you are definitely confused and not familiar with the camera, weapon control, and aim. So your game is not fully effective.The Best Sensitivity of PUBG Mobile

In general, these battle royale games have unique features and require expertise or expertise. By setting the sensitivity of PUBG mobile Android or setting the sensitivity of PUBG mobile PC will help you get chicken dinner.

Of course everyone has different preferences. Therefore, you need the correct settings to be able to aim at your opponent with more precision.

The Best PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings Tricks Quickly And Easily

For those of you who are not comfortable playing PUBG mobile or even have difficulty aiming accurately, you can adjust the sensitivity appropriately.

One of the problems encountered is controlling the Recoil. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with Recoil, Recoil is an effect or kick back when shooting that often confuses player shots.

Many players are trying to find the sensitivity setting of PUBG or the sensitivity setting of the PUBG mobile emulator so that the shots you play in the game don’t keep going awry.

Beginners who still rely on the default settings, you can switch to the sensitivity settings for the camera, ADS sensitivity and camera in-scope.

How to Setting PUBG Mobile Sensitivity

For those of you who don’t know the steps to the best PUBG mobile sensitivity settings page, you should follow these steps

Open PUBG, then you click settings to start setting the sensitivity of PUBG mobile.
Select sensitivity for PUBG sensitivity settings
For those of you who have difficulty, you can follow the guide or how to set the sensitivity of PUBG mobile below:

Camera Sensitivity Or Free Look

Actually this setting functions for the sensitivity of the camera in shifting the direction of view but without affecting the point of view of each character.

With the right settings, you get faster in shifting the direction of view. Setting the three elements with a setting at 130%. In this setting it is relatively faster, but does not interfere with your playing activities.

PUBG Pro Player Camera Sensitivity

In general, the best pubg mobile sensitivity setting is to set the direction of view and the direction of the weapon. The bigger you set it, the faster the character moves.

In addition, this setting is very influential on the use of weapons both with a scope or without a scope. The best number in which you set this setting you should place it at 90 to 100%.

However, this figure is specifically for players who want to move quickly. For those who want a slightly slower movement, you can set it at 60-90%. Of course the settings are what you want, these numbers are just suggestions for those of you who want to try it.

Some of the settings that are often used by pro players in playing PUBG mobile are as follows.

  • 3rd Person No Scope 170%
  • 1st Person No scope 150%
  • Red Dot aim Assist 50%
  • 8x Scope 16%
  • 6X scope 20%
  • 4x Scope Vss 26%
  • 3x scope 35%
  • 2x scope 70%

ADS Sensitivity Settings

This best PUBG mobile sensitivity setting is the most important and important setting because it affects the effect of the shot or shot. With Recoil, of course, it will make the faucet bounce up. Especially for those of you who often spray shots on rifles.

You can set this Recoil control in ADS Sensitivity. The smaller the sensitivity you set, the smaller the Recoil control will be. To your knowledge, settings that are too large can also cause problems for you.

Therefore, you should set it up properly. How to set it up is quite easy, you can apply the following method

  • 2x scope 51%
  • 3x scope 35%
  • 4x scope VSS 35%
  • 6x scope 18%
  • 8x scope 30%
  • 3rd Person No Scope 100%
  • 1st Person No Scope 88%
  • Red dot Aim Assist 51%

Gyroscope Settings

The last step of setting the best PUBG mobile sensitivity is setting the Gyroscope sensitivity. Its function is to spy on the enemy by moving the cellphone like a VR game. Generally, this Gyroscope gives you navigation over the character in 3 dimensions as your character’s perspective.

The setup method is as follows:

  • 2x scopes 140%
  • 3x scope 140%
  • 4x scope VSS 140%
  • 6x scope 110%
  • 8x scope 50%
  • 3rd Person No Scope 100%
  • 1st Person No Scope 101%
  • Red dot Aim Assist 115%

Well, you can apply the best PUBG mobile sensitivity settings so you can get back to playing PUBG smoothly and easily.

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