Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic Very Quickly!

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Dizzy to see blog traffic just like that? no progress or stuck with dozens of traffic every day? this definitely makes us as blog owners become frustrated, lazy and no longer enthusiastic to blog and take care of our personal blogs.

blog traffic greatly affects everything. can increase your reputation, authority score, alexa rank blog and your income.

there are several things that must be done if you want to increase blog traffic to thousands of traffic every day. Among other things, you must have enough funds.

1. Promote blog articles by using Facebook ads, Google ads or with other best ads. This method does require a lot of money, but it is very powerful to bring in thousands of blog traffic.

2. Share blog articles to social media. Social media like Facebook is the best choice for business. We can use this to promote blog articles in order to bring in a lot of blog traffic. Not only on Facebook, many other popular social media such as Twitter and Pinterest. create your social media accounts and expand your blog network. Read also: Pengertian Dan Manfaat Seo

3. Use free guest posts. free features provided by many blog and website owners. make articles on other people’s websites and promote your blog. bringing in a lot of traffic will also strengthen the off-page seo factor on your blog.

4. use paid guest posts using popular websites and blogs. has a lot of traffic and a fairly high authority value. this is very well done. by paying them a hefty fee to make articles on their website and promoting your blog, this is proven to increase blog traffic very quickly. also able to increase the quality and value of blog authority quickly.

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