What to Bring to the Exam Hall: The Essentials for Successful Exam Preparation

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School exams are a necessary part of education. They provide badly needed feedback, show what students have learned and what they need to work on, and help create a competitive environment for future prospects. The process is scary for most students – especially the thought of going into the exam hall unprepared.

Here, are some tips on what to bring to the exam hall to help ensure that you will do well on your next exam by carrying the right things with you.


What should I carry in my bag?

The key factor that should guide you when choosing what to take to the exam hall is the location of the exam hall. However, be aware that the specific exam you are taking will dictate what you can take with you. Consider what the exam hall you are taking will require, as this will inform the type of things you need to take with you.


For example, you may be required to carry certain types of items such as pens, calculators, erasers, and so forth. It is also advisable to choose what you take with you based on what you can take comfort in your bag and will not cost you more than $30 for the exam.


Therefore, in the following list, I have listed what you need to bring to the exam hall so that you can be prepared for your exam and avoid any confusion.


What should I wear?

You should dress in a way that would be comfortable for the exam hall environment.


Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and do not wear anything that might interfere with you reaching your mark or disturb the surrounding environment. Avoid putting on make-up or jewelry, as these could also distract you.


Don’t forget that an exam hall is one of the loudest places in the school, and you should avoid wearing a cap or wig, as they might distract you and break the quiet concentration necessary for maximum concentration.


Don’t use wireless phones or hand-held devices, they can distract you.


When selecting your seat, make sure you choose the quietest possible one – ideally one facing the back of the room, so you can easily read the book provided during the exam.


Bring pens and pencils.


Important things to bring with you

  1. Make a To-Do List


After each task you’ve completed, write down any tasks you have for the next day. The tasks can be things like going for dinner with friends or Assignment Help Malaysia.

If there’s anything you have to get done after you finish school that’s not homework, then make a list of the tasks to do the day before the exam so that you don’t forget.


The Snack List


It’s the night before the exam. You’re anxious and exhausted. You’re also going to need a lot of energy to power through the exam.

Write down what you’re going to eat the next day. Good breakfast and lunch at least (but maybe even dinner). Make sure that there’s healthy food in there too so that you don’t suffer from sugar or food cravings


What should I do to prepare for the exam?

Study hard! Without effort, there’s no point in studying. The exam is your big chance to make a splash in your field of interest and if you really want to improve your skill set, you need to work hard.


Analyze and draw conclusions from your past work. Find patterns in your learning and make predictions for the upcoming exam. A great approach is to identify some issues that you are currently facing and prepare solutions for them. Another effective strategy is to build a bridge between your experience in the classroom and your knowledge in your field, by writing down common problems that students often face and answering each of them as you encounter them in practice.


Ensure that your examination preparations have gone to the right places.


What are some study habits?

Know your study habits and stick to them! Good study habits are necessary if you want to score well. These include:


Avoid consuming caffeinated drinks close to the time of the exam. Make sure you’re well-hydrated throughout the day.


Avoid consuming caffeinated drinks close to the time of the exam. Make sure you’re well-hydrated throughout the day. Prepare a set of study materials that help you absorb information well and review them regularly.


Exam Day Tips

Bring a full bottle of water that’s easy to carry around the classroom. Bring a water bottle that holds about 400 mL of water. Bring a snack that is easily transportable. Bring a pair of comfortable pants and a comfortable shirt (never wear loose clothes to exams!). Bring a copy of the directions on how to prepare for the exam. Bring a pen and notebook – bring a book with you, but a pen and notebook are less distracting than a book. Bring your ID card and proof of enrollment into the program. Bring a phone with you. Make sure it works well and it has enough battery power for the full day. Bring your previous academic records. Please keep these confidential and sensitive to your grades. No photocopies are allowed to be taken during the exam.



Taking good notes can help you remember what you were told. The information you write down can be used to study and practice and it can be used as support for questions you will face.


Having access to key skills and tools is the first step to feeling confident and comfortable about your study – whether you’re going to your first exam or your last!


Praising and encouraging yourself can really help. Positive self-talk can help boost your confidence and your ability to concentrate in stressful situations.


Don’t be afraid to ask for homework help Malaysia when you need it!


Remember – you can overcome your anxiety and become an expert test taker.


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